“Morning of a young man”, Peter de Hoch – description of the painting

Description of the picture:

The morning of the young man is Peter de Hoch. Wood, oil. 40 x 53 cm

This painting was painted by Peter de Hoch during its formation. In it, the interior plays the role of the background, the main place in space is occupied by people, there is not a large number of carefully written details characteristic of the artist’s later works. With his inherent soft humor, the painter shows us the morning of a young man.

When you look at the picture, it seems that the master was in the room at that moment, so everything that happens seems real.

Before us is a clean and tidy room. Near the golden-brown wall, covered with ornamental tiles, there is a wooden bed. Heavy dark green silk curtains and a lambrequin adorn her. A dark blanket hangs from a chair.

Nearby, leaning against the wall and hiding in the shade, a young man sits. It is evident that he drank well and had fun at night, but now he really wants to sleep. The bed is nearby, but there is no more strength left to get to it. In the shade, we can see the little crumpled face of a reveler, his eyes look at one point. It’s hard for him to focus on anything. Hands hang limply, he is no longer able to remove the second boot.

The maid spreads the bed to put the sleeping master to bed. Everything has been prepared for her for a long time: slippers are waiting, the night pot is polished to a shine.

The morning sun illuminates most of the room. The walls began to play with warm golden-brown shades, the folds of the silk curtain shimmered with green, and the golden fringe sparkled. The red color of a woman’s dress becomes brighter and richer.

But the view is attracted by a snow-white sheet, which in brightness competes with a dazzling white starched bonnet and apron of a maid. This is the brightest spot in the picture, linking everything into a single composition.

A simple plot, but the artist gives us the opportunity to see real people living at that time.

This picture has its own unusual story. Prince Trubetskoy was sure that it depicts young Peter I in Holland and presented it to Emperor Alexander III. But later it turned out that the picture was created long before the birth of Tsar Peter Alekseevich."

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