Dancer at the photographer – Edgar Degas

Description of the picture:

The dancer at the photographer is Edgar Degas. 1873-1875. Canvas, oil. 65×50
This small work is painted in oil, which is rare for Edgar Degas (1834-1917), after 1870 he worked exclusively in the pastel technique. In the winter, or morning, or evening twilight, in the cold empty space of the photographer’s studio, the dancer poses for the picture. The artist captures the moment when, trying to take a spectacular pose in front of the mirror, the ballerina almost lost her balance. The failed arabesque made her make an awkward and constrained movement. Against the “background” of insulting failure, a lush pink tunic, a carefully styled hairstyle and black velvet shading her neck make the heroine touchingly defenseless from the “unintentional accident” of life. The view of the alienated frozen Paris outside the window enhances the feeling of loneliness."

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