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Painting Rasputitsa, Savrasov, 1894 – description

Description of the picture:

Rasputitsa – Savrasov. 1894. Oil on canvas. 69 x 80 cm
The term “thaw” refers to the period when the roads become impassable. Most often this happens in the autumn and spring, the last of which I decided to display on the canvas Savrasov.

The painting was painted in the village of Pokrovsky, where the artist could carefully study and examine the subtlest changes in nature. Here we see a period when winter is rapidly beginning to cede its rights to the spring sun – the snow is melting, leaving puddles of water and dark bald spots of bare land.

Surprisingly, the composition of the painting was solved – a wide view of the melted road leading to neat snow-covered houses, covered with light fog, balanced by slender thin birches, painted in a more accurate technique. All elements equally create this delightful plot.

Such a clear transition of nature from one state to another, as well as the greatest talent of a landscape painter, allowed Savrasov to create an incredibly lively image, breathing nature.

And today, after many years, you never get tired of admiring how finely the artist felt in nature, how clearly he grasped the beauty of the moment!"

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