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Painting June day, Levitan

Description of the picture:

June day – Isaac Ilyich Levitan. 1890s Canvas, oil. 43,5×61
Summer colors in all their diversity set the tone for work. The edge of the rye field is adjacent to a small piece of the natural field. The strict monotony of a young cornfield and natural beauty – as if specially placed nearby, bathed in a generous sun, under one bottomless blue sky. Timid, quivering strokes make up the crown of a lonely birch and the edges of the forest. Precisely selected numerous colors of the meadow create a fun, carefree work atmosphere. Some movement is noticeably felt – a fresh summer wind.

In this work, the impression that the author of the work of the French impressionists made so clearly is present. At the same time, the master not only skillfully uses the techniques of the masters, but also brings to his work a very special sound of colors and compositional finds."

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