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“On a hot day”, Vladimir Egorovich Makovsky – description of the painting

Description of the picture:

On a hot day – Vladimir Yegorovich Makovsky. Oil on wood, 24 x 32 cm.

V.E. Makovsky is known for his paintings in the style of realism and the domestic genre. An observant artist often painted scenes from life in which contemporaries recognized themselves and their friends. “On a hot day” also refers to such works.

This small canvas depicts a noble family who came from a dusty city to a summer cottage. At sultry noon, they went to the river, hoping to hide from the sun under the crowns of trees and pass the time before dinner.

In the center of the picture is a wooden bench. It housed a governess with a girl of about seven years old. They bent over the book, an umbrella in the hands of a woman protects them from the sun. The girl is wearing a dark blue dress with a smart white apron, red stockings, a straw hat.

But her brothers are already high school students. This is indicated by their summer light form. A younger boy stands by the riverbank with a makeshift fishing rod. He still hopes to catch at least some small fish in this still brown water. His older brother was already tired of barren fishing. He sits on a bench, leaning against the back. Disappointment and boredom are written on his face. It can be seen that he is just spending time. Next to him on a bench is a can with worms, and on the ground an empty bucket for fish. The bucket is large, but the fish, as luck would have it, is not caught. Behind him is an older sister. She, wanting to console her brother, put her hand on the boy’s shoulder, and she looks in the book, which is read aloud by the youngest girl.

The picture is filled with sunlight and vibrant greenery. Makovsky was well able to convey the feeling of a hot afternoon. We see sun glare on foliage and grass. We feel the stillness of the reservoir. There is no breeze, and even the saving foliage of trees does not help from the heat. A group of children is written very lively. They are tired of the heat and just wait to be called for lunch. The viewer has the feeling that he was an unwitting witness to this scene."

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