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“Autumn. The Hunter ”, Isaac Ilyich Levitan – description of the painting

Description of the picture:

Autumn. Hunter – Isaac Ilyich Levitan. 1880. Oil on canvas. 93 x 68 cm.
Landscape of young Isaac Levitan “Autumn. Hunter ”is very reminiscent of his other work, the more famous“ Autumn. Sokolniki. ” The difference between them is only a year. All the same compositional construction with dynamic, sharp reductions in perspective, so that the work boasts depth and space. All the same gloomy autumn sky, and still the same insignificant role of man – nature is the main character.

It is already in late autumn, and on the path covered with yellow leaves, small areas of the first snow are visible. The trees are almost bare, so the viewer can well see their curved trunks and sharp branches.

A dark figure appeared on the trodden path, and only the author’s explanation and gaze allow us to get to know the hero better. A man with a hunting rifle is wary and attentive. And the faithful dog helps him to find prey – the eye does not immediately recognize him, since the color merges with brown leaves and patches of snow.

In general, Levitan possessed an amazing talent – he painted narrative landscapes, which you can not only admire, but also tell as the plot of some elegiac book. This picture is a very eloquent example of such works, and it is not by chance that it is very popular in schools until now, very often acting as the subject of school essays."

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