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The Fall of the Angels, Peter Brueghel the Elder – description of the painting

Description of the picture:

The Fall of the Angels – Peter Brueghel the Elder
In the center of the panel is depicted figure of the Archangel Michael in armor. Skillfully working with his long sword and shield with a red cross – a symbol of the Resurrection (the final victory of Christ over evil), Michael defeats Satan and the army of angels, who in their pride rebelled against God. The swiftness of the fall of the rebels from heaven is emphasized by randomly overturned figures, as if carried away into the abyss, opened from the radiance in the sky, as well as vigorously circling angels in white robes, defeating the army of Satan. Angels that have fallen into the darkness take bizarre demonic forms, and Satan himself, who has turned into a dragon, is trampled under the feet of Michael.

MICHAEL. Archangel Michael is often portrayed in armor, fighting Satan, who sometimes takes the form of a dragon, for example, Dürer, or a beautiful young man with wings, like Piero della Francesca. In the scenes of the Last Judgment, he usually holds the scales on which he weighs the souls of the dead."

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