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Portrait of Peter III, Fedor Stepanovich Rokotov

Description of the picture:

Portrait of Peter III – Fedor Stepanovich Rokotov. Canvas, oil. 157 x 111 cm
This is a vivid example of a ceremonial portrait made by a talented artist in compliance with all the rules and traditions of the rococo style. Peter III is depicted in a “German dress” – an outfit characteristic of the era when Russia actively borrowed everything Western, and the emperor himself was an ardent admirer of Prussia and everything connected with it.

The picture contains all the most important royal regalia – a crown and a scepter, a precious ermine mantle covered with golden velvet. But they are depicted aside, and the entire central part is occupied by the image of the young ruler of a vast country.
His not at all courageous figure is dressed in a tight-fitting camisole, which only emphasizes the narrowness of his fragile shoulders and the emerging tummy. The emperor is belted with a rich golden sash, on which a large saber or sword with a golden hilt hangs from the side.

The picture is distinguished by a rich color scheme and finely coordinated coloring. The figure of the emperor clearly looms against the backdrop of a stormy sky, and all the smallest details of his costume are carefully prescribed. The spectacular details of the costume and the surroundings contrast sharply with the insignificant and unattractive features of the face of Emperor Peter III, the unlucky wife of the great and magnificent Catherine II.

Bright contrasting colors were used in the work – deep dark blue for a camisole with red cuffs of a sleeve, lining and collar, golden for a long brocade vest, darker, cream for leggings, lush gold for a sash with massive and large tassels. A wide blue moire ribbon, diagonally thrown over the shoulder, competes in brightness with the color of the sky in the background. Fluffy fur and the finest white lace, plentiful embroidery with gold thread – all these details evoke admiration for the artist’s skill."

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