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Portrait of Countess E.P. Rastopchina, O.A. Kiprensky, 1809

Description of the picture:

Portrait of Countess E.P. Rastopchina – Orest Adamovich Kiprensky. 1809. Oil on canvas. 61×77
Female images created by recognized master of portrait O. A. Kiprensky are an invaluable page in the history of Russian art. Each of the portraits of the painter conquers with an amazing penetration into the depths of the soul, a unique originality of appearance, and subtle mastery of execution.

In 1809 Kiprensky painted two paired portraits: Count F.V. Rostopchin and his wife. These works vary in scale.

Ekaterina Petrovna Rostopchina (nee Protasova) was very different in character and behavior from her husband. She eschewed social life, dressing emphasized modestly. Such she appeared in the portrait of Kiprensky: a closed dark dress, more suitable for a servant than a lady, a cap of fine lace. Nothing in a woman’s robe can impress the viewer; she does not seduce her with beauty, but there is something attractive in her appearance. This inspired look, dreamy and slightly restless, creates a special feeling of a breath of life."

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