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Picture “Dnieper in the morning”, Arkhip Ivanovich Kuindzhi – description

Description of the picture:

Dnieper in the morning – Arkhip Ivanovich Kuindzhi. 1881. Oil on canvas. 105 x 167 cm
In the 1880s, Arkhip Kuindzhi suddenly disappeared from the public, locked himself in his workshop. The painter, who suddenly began to be hotly criticized for excessive decorativeness and exposition tricks (there were those who claimed that the master artificially illuminates his canvases and therefore such amazing radiance emanates from them), decided to leave on the crest of his fame. Kuindzhi hid from everyone for the whole 20 years!

But before tightly imprisoning himself in the workshop, the artist exhibited his favorite works, among which the picture “Evening on the Dnieper” found its place. The exhibition was repeated (the first took place in 1879, and the second in 1882).

As a warning to all the “talkers” who accused Kuindzhi of overly bright color, the master decided this work in a completely different way – only calm muted tones. However, the picture is in no way inferior in terms of the impact on the viewer with its bright “Birch Grove” or, for example, “Rainbow”.

White, dairy flowers convey the river ribbon that goes deep into the picture. Shores are depicted using greyish-green and brown tones. The main emotional power of the picture is the transfer of unlimited steppe space. A sparse thistle bush sticking out in the foreground only emphasizes this ideal expanse.

From the first seconds the sky attracts attention – here you can clearly notice the features of the impressionist style. The filled light-air medium is conveyed by confident strokes of blue, yellow, pink and white.

Kuindzhi found an equivalent substitute for his catchy and vibrant technique – this is the inner glow and magical tones of midtones. Very often in the paintings of the painter you can see a very specific source of light – the sun, moon, rainbow, around which the whole narrative is built, but in this composition the author abandoned his favorite trick. Only the glow of the sky, gentle light vibration and incredible predawn whiteness – this is what this attractive, magnetic picture “breathes”.

The classical composition found a new color scheme, and this created the right mood – ringing silence, a calm morning, working on the Dnieper, which changed the darkness of the night.

Amazing Kuindzhi had a unique ability to see what others just pass by. His paintings do not even need any catchy element, just the most ordinary landscape is enough, and he, through the talented brush of the painter, acquires a completely different meaning, striking in its beauty and spirituality."

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