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It’s getting cold. Autumn on the Oka River near Tarusa, Vasily Dmitrievich Polenov

Description of the picture:

It’s getting cold. Autumn on the Oka River near Tarusa – Vasily Dmitrievich Polenov. 1893. Oil on canvas. 78.5 x 117 cm
The canvas depicts a wide panorama of the river valley in late autumn. It can be seen from a high hill above the river, from which the classical Russian road leads down – two very deep tracks, squeezed out in deep autumn mud by loaded carts.

The landscape is empty and lifeless, it has no people, no animals, not even birds. Nature really freezes – it seems that nature has frozen and is afraid to even move. There is no wind or water movement – lead clouds hung heavily over the water, the water is smooth, frozen, prepared to become covered with a thick layer of ice.

But winter only comes into its own – there are still yellow autumn leaves on the trees, the needles are decorated with dark green spots, and the grass, albeit withered, still covers the slopes and banks of the river. True, rejoice does not last long – you need to wait just a little more, and all this will be covered with a dense layer of snow, and the river will be frozen with ice.

So far, nature has been falling asleep, the colors are fading, and the artist very accurately managed to capture this moment of transition from autumn to winter, when the bright, fiery colors of the forests seem to fade, lose volume and texture, become contrasting and graphic, leaving us only two winter colors – black and white."

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