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“Crying of Yaroslavna”, Perov – Description and Video Overview of the Picture

Description of the picture:

Crying Yaroslavna – Perov. 1881. Oil on canvas

One of the last works of the great artist bears the stamp of fading talent. The picture was created when the master was sick. However, despite being somewhat inaccurate, "downed" drawing, deliberate posture, painful pathetics, the painting retained the style and technique of the great painter.

The plot of the oldest Russian literary work in the eyes of the artist takes on special significance. Great suffering Yaroslavna. Her face turned to heaven in a desperate plea. The setting sun painted the horizon a bluish-pink color, the edges of the picket fence directed into the sky, alarmed by lamentations of the bird circling over the ancient city. The whole picture is filled with alarming anticipation, a premonition of tragedy. The artist seemed to have invested in his work his own desperate desire to live.

The colors of the costume of the heroine are in tune with the surrounding landscape. The author tries to be reliable in the transfer of clothing and landscape, but one cannot but notice in the work a certain theatricality, conventionality, fake brightness.

The main attention of the artist is drawn to the face of the heroine. This is perhaps the only place in the work, performed with extraordinary skill and reliability. The artist managed to convey despair, inner tension and timid hope of Yaroslavna. The heroine is ready to soar into the sky to fly to the aid of her beloved prince. The genuine sincerity of the heroine is the main success of the great artist.

The painting became a master’s desperate attempt to overcome the disease, return to normal work, to creativity."

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