Picture Contrast sounds, Vasily Kandinsky

Description of the picture:

Contrasting sounds – Vasily Vasilievich Kandinsky. 1924. Oil on cardboard. 70.0×49.5 cm
Today, some suggest that Vasily Kandinsky could have a unique quality – acoustic-color synesthesia. Such people can feel colors as sounds, and sounds as colors.

The artist himself has repeatedly talked about the close connection between painting and music, comparing color with a key, a hammer with an eye, and the soul of a creator with a multi-stringed piano. In his book “Point and line on the plane”, the author dedicated a separate chapter for music, where he tried to convey various sounds using graphic drawings. However, this interpretation of sounds was very simplified and subjective, and Kandinsky understood this well, which did not prevent him from demonstrating his vision of musical sounds in the space of an artistic canvas. The picture “Contrasting Sounds” is the brightest, almost textbook example for Kandinsky, when the author captured the music.

The author uses only two tools for the embodiment of discordant notes – shape and color. At the same time, Kandinsky moves from color to form, and not vice versa. The work clearly feels the predominance of clear geometric shapes to the detriment of the whimsical passages from the lines that can be found in other paintings. The work is surprisingly balanced and harmonious, which testifies to how painstakingly the author thought out each of its elements.

There is no more miserable art than music – after all, this phenomenon is temporary. Just a moment – and the sounds disappeared forever, leaving memories and emotions. “Contrasting colors” is one of the best paintings, trying to capture this elusive art, but only Kandinsky was able to do it."

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