Landscape with a rainbow, Savrasov, 1881

Description of the picture:

Landscape with a rainbow – Savrasov. 1881
Unusual picture. It was as if it was created by another artist, this is the feeling of anyone who sees her for the first time. The landscape master repeatedly painted the rainbow, seeing in it a harbinger of goodness and divine goodwill. In this work, the natural fad looks like a divine light breaking through the darkness, tearing through a dull cloudy fence to bring hope to the world to calm the storm soon.

Exactly half of the landscape is still dominated by severe weather. White birds rush about against a background of black clouds from the accumulated moisture. A multi-color bright rainbow has already torn apart the formidable sky.

The other half of the landscape pleases the eye with light and peace. Everything is gone, calmed down, dissolved. The rain-filled paths will soon dry out, harmony will reign.

The sketchy nature of the work creates a sense of instantness, momentary. The author managed "to grab" second, the climax, the climax of the weather. Using sharp contrast, the artist achieves brightness and multifaceted plot in his work.

The painting was created when the personality of the great master was well known, and his work was recognized as an example of artistic creativity. But the atmosphere and mood of this picture speak of the author’s internal conflict. Imbalance in internal balance. The picture can be regarded as creative "scream". On the one hand, the work was done with unquestionable mastery, on the other hand, it is an emotional outburst, the artist embodied the artistic embodiment of which was in the wild.

Such emotionality is not at all inherent in the artist’s work, but this work can tell a lot about the difficult and such tragic fate of the great Russian artist."

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