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“Hunters”, Konstantin Apollonovich Savitsky – description of the painting

Description of the picture:

Hunters – Konstantin Apollonovich Savitsky. 1886.
If anyone would doubt what direction the Russian artist Konstantin Savitsky belonged to, then after viewing this canvas, the answer comes by itself – it was a realist painter, and he was very observant.

Savitsky addressed the topic of hunting several times. The most famous experience is the picture “The Hunter”, written in 1874, where the author depicts a tense hunter who lurks behind a tree, tracking down prey. The presented canvas, which was released two years later, broadcasts to us a completely different story, honest and slightly ironic.


At the forest edge of two hunters overwhelmed fatigue. Judging by the spread out handkerchief or the newspaper with the remnants of food, it can be assumed that the sudden fatigue was caused not only by the exhausting search for prey in the forest …

If in the picture “The Hunter” we see a rural resident experienced in this matter, then here representatives of urban culture “hunt” clearly. One of the young people is wearing a military uniform, in which the second hero is dressed, it is not visible, however, a dapper yellow hat adorns his head. Not the best disguise for those who need to go unnoticed and as close as possible to let a predator.

The author emphasizes the unluckiness of young people in absurd poses: the military man impressively sprawled, lowering his cap to his eyes, and the dandy sprawled on his stomach, raising his hands to his head. Carelessly scattered guns complete the comic display.

The scenery for this genre scene is written very carefully and poetically. Shishkinsky’s “Morning in a Pine Forest” comes to mind, where Savitsky made his contribution by writing the very bears. Sleeping hunters are surrounded by a beautiful forest with slender birches, tall pines, and sun-dried grass. The pastoral picture of nature only emphasizes the irony of the situation. It is unlikely that hunters will be lucky today."

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