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Description of the painting Edgar Degas Blue Dancers

Description of the picture:

Edgar Degas – Blue Dancers. Around 1898. Pastel on paper. 65×65

Canvas “Blue dancers” the best of a series of paintings of naked women. The painting was painted by the artist’s favorite pastel.

In the picture, four ballerinas in blue ballet tutus are presented in the “top view” perspective. Thanks to this, we are as if captured by their occupation: behind the curtains, waiting for the ballerina to exit, the outfits are being corrected. The skillfully conveyed movement of the dancers creates a sense of dance that kind of draws the viewer into his poetic plastic.

Here, as in some of his other works, Degas’s passion for photography affected, which is noticeable by the asymmetry of the composition and the spontaneity of the cropping of the edges of the image.

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