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Zucchini, Edouard Manet, 1879

Description of the picture:

Zucchini – Eduard Manet. 1879. Oil on canvas. 72×92
Being at the origins of impressionism, Eduard Manet, however, did not join this movement, although he was not indifferent to the coloristic searches of Claude Monet and Pierre Auguste Renoir.

Canvas “Zucchini” adjoins a series of works by the artist on the “restaurant” theme. The painting was painted in a free pictorial manner with emphasized sketchiness, due to which it was often mistaken for a preparatory study for a large composition that remained unfulfilled. The work presents a scene in an ordinary Parisian cafe, as if instantly captured by the watchful and keen eyes of the master. The composition is dominated by the massive figure of the smoker and leaning in his direction through the table, a day laborer heavier than wine in a white blouse and white cap. The interior of the cafe is conveyed in a generalized, free brushstroke, flashes of light spots enhance the optical effect of the depth of space."

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