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“The Dreamer”, Orest Adamovich Kiprensky – description of the painting

Description of the picture:

Dreamer – Orest Adamovich Kiprensky. 1826-1827.
The portrait, called the “Dreamer,” today raises many questions, and the history of its creation has several hypotheses and completely opposite opinions.

Officially, the first mention of the canvas refers to the post-war years. In 1948, from the Leningrad Private Commission, the painting “The Dreamer”, written by portrait painter Orest Kiprensky, was brought to the picture gallery of the city of Kalinin. The authorship was not in doubt – the portrait was signed by the master. In addition, as far back as 1912, the famous art critic, who had seen the painting in the collection of Prince Obolensky, spoke with enthusiasm about this picturesque canvas of Kiprensky.

A few decades later, a more detailed study unexpectedly called into question an established opinion. The writing style was very different from Kiprensky’s style, and the artist’s signature as a result of the examination was recognized as a clever fake. After numerous searches, the author of the portrait was found – he turned out to be a follower of Orest Kiprensky Alexei Vasilyevich Tyranov.

Despite the controversy surrounding the name of the creator of the picture, one thing remains unchanged – the portrait was painted by a real master. A young girl sits leaning on her arm. Before her is an open book. Impressed by the read, the beauty raised her eyes, staring into invisible to others, beautiful dreams. The image of the girl is peaceful, pure and natural. Thinking, she seems to be the personification of bright, girlish thoughts about the future.

The portrait of “The Dreamer” is striking in its completeness, maturity of writing, and mastery of the art of chiaroscuro and volume. The work is especially noticeable features characteristic of each talented artist: sincerity, liveliness and immediacy in the transfer of the image."

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