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Sunny day, Isaac Ilyich Levitan, 1898

Description of the picture:

Sunny day – Isaac Ilyich Levitan. 1898. Oil on canvas. 35×44
The backyard of a manor or village church is flooded with midday sunlight. The branchy crowns of birches cast an uncertain shadow over the grass, tired of the heat. Greens are inferior to the sun, acquiring a light, muted color. The sky itself, peering through the foliage, discolored from the abundance and generosity of a summer day. The white walls of the building, tree trunks, reflecting warm light, fill the work with a festive summer mood. Fresh fence has not yet managed to burn out and lose its natural color. A perfectly flat lawn emphasizes strict order and makes the composition home-like cozy and attractive.

Behind the beauty of the depicted day, the mood of the author himself is guessed, his admiration for the quiet, devoid of any parade corner of the estate.
The summer midday silence is emphasized by the dim colors of the work. There are no flashy colors, no dynamic, sharp strokes. The author avoids details that may violate the quiet idyllic composition, its poise and softness."

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