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Squares with concentric circles, Kandinsky, 1913

Description of the picture:

Squares with concentric circles – Vasily Kandinsky. 1913. Watercolor, gouache and pastel on paper 23.8×31.4 cm
Creating the painting “Squares with Concentric Circles,” Vasily Kandinsky declared that he loved the circle very much, just as he had loved the horse before. Then he immediately specified that the circle, he probably loves more, in view of its inexhaustible possibilities, which is why the circle took the place of the horse in his work. Such is the explanation of this picture, which is quite suitable for Kandinsky’s transition to non-ordinary painting in general, which occurred in 1910.

This picture is a clear example of the author’s close attention to the geometric shape, color and nature of the interactions between them. The circle, from the point of view of Kandinsky, as a form carries enormous tension, and enriched with color, as in this work, it appears already as a tension with many stresses. The author did not cease to admire and sing in this work with this inner power of a vicious circle.

Each circle with the help of color is divided into several circles, moreover, color here is a way of transmitting different mental states, or rather, color is only a sign of a certain state. It is all the more difficult to convey the variability of these states, their fluidity through paints – a talented author worked on this issue.

Researchers consider this work to be very important, because Kandinsky summed up the result of a very important stage in the study of geometry and color."

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