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Snail, A. Matisse, description of the painting

Description of the picture:

Snail – Henri Matisse. 1953. Gouache on paper. 286 x 287 cm
The abstract image is interesting because everyone in it can see what his imagination prompts him. In the same picture, the viewer’s imagination sets a direction for the imagination, and everyone looking at it begins to frantically search, “where is the desired snail hidden here?” In fact, no snail, of course, no, and indeed it cannot be. The purpose of any abstract image is to convey the idea of ​​a thing or a living being, and not to convey their exact outlines and proportions.

Here, the image of the snail is conveyed by uneven color spots and a spiral-shaped arrangement of objects, creating a dynamic effect associated with the movement of the snail and the structure of its “house”. Fragments painted in dense and rich local colors are arranged in such a way that a visual illusion of moving them in a circle is really created. Simple visual methods and the exact selection of colors make a strong impression on the audience, who at first do not understand why this “simple” canvas is so fascinating and makes you look at yourself for hours. The fact is that it forces the human brain to work and fulfill its main task – to think, translating visual images into emotions."

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