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Red roofs. Village corner in winter, 1877, Pissarro

Description of the picture:

Red roofs. Village corner in winter – Camille Pissarro. 1877.54.5×65.6

Painting “Red Roofs. Village corner in winter “ it is rightfully considered a masterpiece: it has so much inspiration, so much bewitching pictorial poetry! Only typical French houses are depicted – white with red tiled roofs, appearing through the bare branches of trees. But what bizarre lines, amazing colors and harmonious color transitions! And how much light and air in all this. How much genuine beauty is in nature, and how little we know how to notice it ourselves. And Pissarro was able to show her so that we could see her with our sometimes tired eyes.

I do not even believe now that in those days critics called Pissarro’s landscapes “incomprehensible.”"

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