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Painting with a green center, Kandinsky, 1913

Description of the picture:

Painting with a green center – Vasily Kandinsky. 1913. Oil on canvas. 108.9 x 118.4 cm
The composition of the presented painting is built according to the scenario favorite by Vasily Kandinsky, which he used more than once in his work – the author begins building the art space from the center, making the open figure of green color a dominant element.

The rest of the content is built by contrasting the colors – red and green, yellow and blue, white and black. Each color finds its own interpretation from the painter. So, green is a symbol of calm created from the neutralization of blue and yellow. This color has the widest range of shades, due to which green acquires the depth of sound and internal development. Blue color is an illuminated darkness, a feeling of cold, moonlight, sea, ice. Red appears here as the color of fire and blood, annoying and strong. Red is movement within itself. Also in the picture a lot of yellow color, symbolizing something sharp, dynamic, with a higher form of aspiration.

A harmonious combination of these colors, expressed through whimsical forms, gives rise to vibrating matter, whose overflows on the canvas are felt almost at a physical level. Today we can say with confidence that Kandinsky was an exceptional phenomenon in world painting, because none of the subsequent painters could create something like this."

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